Temperate Fruit Trees > Apple Tree > Dwarf Apple - Redlove Stunning and unique red flesh are the highlight of this new variety of apple. It is not self-fertile and needs a pollination partner of a different variety nearby. ACW. Eating, cooking, juicing & cider Malus varieties for planting from Nov to March. When you want fresh, juicy, locally grown apples, just say Yes! Apple Trees. The flesh is bright white contrasting the dark red skin. Most of our apple trees grow well in zones 5-8 2. | Royal Gala Apple Tree. At Willis Orchard Company it has been our ongoing commitment to always offer the finest selection of apple trees for sale. google_ad_height = 90; Anna apple trees produce remarkable fruit for mild-winter climates in Southern California. taste, not too sweet and not too tart, vinous and slightly reminiscent Paula Red Apple fresh from the Orchard to your door. Beautiful solid red apples are ready to eat by late August. At Raintree Nursery, shop online for fruit trees, including apple trees from a great selection. Firm, crisp, juicy and refreshingly sweet with a hint of tartness, it is great for fresh eating and makes tasty juice. Honeycrisp apples are honey sweet (with a touch of tart) and amazingly crisp. This product cannot be shipped to CA. It is ideal for baking or snacking fresh off the tree. | Idared Our apple trees are available in the following types: Miniature Apple Tree (M27 Rootstock), Dwarf Apple Tree (M9), Semi Vigorous Apple Tree (M26), Vigorous Apple Tree (M106), Very Vigorous Apple Tree (M25), Cordon Apple Tree, Mini Cordon Apple Tree, Supercolumns Apple Tree, Stepover Apple Tree, Half Standard Apple Tree, Espaliers Apple Tree and Fans Apple Tree. It blooms in mid to late season and ripens late, between Granny Smith and Braeburn. Dandee Red is a 100-percent red blush apple with crisp, creamy white flesh. Apples are the United States' second most valuable fruit crop grown in the United States. extremely quickly as its season declines. Fun Fact: Paula Red was named for the wife of the horticulturalist who developed the variety. | Hazen google_ad_slot = "1579537297"; for delivery as bare rootstock. Our website provides information on Heritage Apple tree history, selection, planting, fertilization, pruning and spraying. for both eating fresh and cooking, although they become extremely soft It also makes a smooth applesauce. Known as the "bakers buddy", Rome Apples retain their shape and their flavor is enhanced when baked. A heavy bearing apple and a good pollinator for most apples. All shippable fruit trees will average between 3-4’ tall, not including the root, unless otherwise specified. Ida Red also has a tangy flavor similar to Jonathan. The Red Delicious apple bears more heavily when pollinized with a Golden Delicious. Stock availability: Sorry we have sold-out of this variety. Homegrown Orchard Fruits. Honeycrisp You can choose the number of trees and the rootstock(s) you want the trees grafted on.

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Please note that pricing on this website may not be up to date. Arkansas Black Apple Tree. Paula Apple flowers are borne in corymbs, and have five petals each, which may be white, pink or red. SOLD OUT. Guaranteed. Gravenstein apple trees require no introduction in Northern California where it has long been the premium variety. An apple that can store for 3-4 months in the refrigerator. Paula Red apples are suitable It is not surprising that the California state tree is also one of its most famous identifiers. Kids love the taste, and it’s easy to see why this recent variety has continued to grow in popularity since its 1991 introduction in Minnesota. SKU: N/A Categories: Apple Trees For Sale, Apples Trees for Organic Growing For Sale. This apple has large size, crisp texture, great productivity and beautiful red color with white lenticels that sparkle like stars, thus the name Cosmic Crisp™. Thanks. Make sure the hardiness zone range of the tree you choose includes your area. Choose another variety Pollination of Paula Red apple trees Your Paula Red apple tree is in flowering group 2.It is not self-fertile and needs a pollination partner of a different variety nearby. | Liberty Prairie Spy | Snowsweet google_ad_slot = "9852253790"; Paula Red Apples. In our experience, the planting, caring for and harvesting of apple trees offers a host of benefits - something that those who have never done it can only imagine. It is a beautiful backyard tree to grow, producing an attractive flush of burgundy coloured spring growth, dark bark and deep red skin also make this a … Most of our apple trees grow well in zones 5-8; Cold-Hardy Apple Trees can thrive in cooler, northern zones 3 & 4; Heat-Tolerant Apple Trees are perfect for warm southern zones 9 & 10; Proper Pollination. For a start, the flavour is extremely good - you will never have problems giving away a surplus of these apples. Buy Miniature Apple Trees online is after all a sound financial investment that will reward for many years to come so it makes sense not only to select from a specialist nursery in fruit trees, but also to have the pleasure of choosing from the widest range possible. Black | Beacon Most of these tiny apples are too tart to eat but with enough sweetener they make a flavorful jelly. Exceptional Extended Storage Life. And you almost certainly will have a surplus because Falstaff is also one of the heaviest-cropping of all apple varieties - fortunately the apples keep fairly well, they will last in a fridge until Christmas. The following varieties will pollinate this apple tree. Remember, you need to check the plant zone map before ordering. Our goal is to provide you with a high quality tree and the information needed to let you create your on Orchard. Red Falstaff is one of the best garden apple varieties for the UK. They are actually known as the fruit tree "starter." The Yates apple tree is very easy to grow and a favorite for wildlife. More Honeycrisp trees are being planted every year in New York to increase the annual harvest. Starting at $99.95 118. We are again offering a wide variety of apple trees for sale. date before this time frame just is not possible, however, if mother nature October View all the October blogposts … Paula Red apples are available from late summer through mid-fall. Shipping begins mid-April once Learn More. Rome an old time variety, Rome Apple originated in Ohio in 1816. Orchard Foods Fruit Tree Sale What's Growing In the Orchard Land Stewardship & Farming Practices Harvest Calendar . However, Ida Red apples are larger and have crisp, bright-white flesh that gives a firm, juicy bite. | Candy Helping bring back the incredible healthy snack. google_ad_client = "pub-1228396456126205"; Lady | Pristine | Gravenstein All apple trees will be available for delivery as bare root stock in spring 2018.