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epic of gilgamesh translation

For thee a throne was set up in the assembly on which thou wert commanded to sit. that heroes might kiss his feet. For one day, for two days, they lurked by the drinking-place. Since the discovery over one hundred years ago of a body of Mesopotamian poetry preserved on clay tablets, what has come to be known as the Epic of Gilgamesh has been considered a masterpiece of ancient literature. O wife of the carpenter, like a mother unto me, had I but left it! To the majesty of the god came my cry, and he hearkened and saved me, even me.”. He convinces the guards of the mountain, two Scorpion-man beings, to allow him to enter a long passage under the mountain. goring like an ox. He stood up before me She gave him pleasure after the manner of women, and he held her in the embraces of love. And when the beasts come down to the drinking-place, then let her tear off her clothing and disclose her nakedness. The mountains have reared him. Enkidu forgot the place where he was born. Ninsunna, And he made glad. Of a sudden thou didst touch me, and I awoke! He saw and cried out to his friend: “Now, my friend, thus I speak. “A man unlike no other cometh down from the mountains. I will challenge him, and I shall exclaim in Uruk that I am the mighty one! What now wilt thou give him, that he may return to his country?”. He has taken all their children, for is Gilgamesh not the shepherd of his people? and his javelin reposed. I will, indeed, establish my name. Fear filled him to the core, and his face had changed like a man who had journeyed far. It recounts the deeds of a hero-king of ancient Mesopotamia, following him through adventures and encounters with men and gods alike. Nergal, the great, tore loose the dams of the deep. Until he returns to his city, until he arrives at his road, the garment shall not wear with age; it shall remain entirely new.”. The handsome youth and the comely maid, both may fall to Death all too soon. Ways were laid out and paths well kept. Gilgamesh spoke unto the elders of Uruk: “I, Gilgamesh, the strong one of the land take to a road which I have never trodden; when I shall have succeeded, I will praise thee in the joy of my heart, I will extol the superiority of thy power, I will seat thee on thrones.”, At twenty leagues they took a meal; at thirty leagues they took a rest. Source: An Old Babylonian Version of the Gilgamesh Epic, by Anonymous, Edited by Morris Jastrow, Translated by Albert T. Clay ‘The Epic’ Cuneiform Rolling Pin: The Epic of Gilgamesh Tablet – Yale Tablet – Column 5. For a relatively up-to-date literal translation of the standard epic and all related material in verse form, see The Epic of Gilgamesh (1999, translated for Penguin Classics by Andrew George. my brother." He was clothed with long hair like a woman. Come thou, arise from the ground April 30, 2007. Behold his face: it glows with heroic courage. N. K. Sandars's landmark translation of one of the first and greatest works of Western literature A Penguin Classic Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, and his companion Enkidu are the only heroes to have survived from the ancient literature of Babylon, immortalized in this epic … even as does a husband. and his face glowed. Benjamin Foster, Laffan Professor of Assyriology and Babylonian Literature and curator of the Yale Babylonian Collection at Yale, translated the AkkadianEpic of Gilgamesh for the Norton Critical Editions series, The Epic of Gilgamesh (2001), and is the author of Akkadian Literature of the Late Period (2007) as well as twenty-five or more studies on various aspects of Akkadian literature. Gilgamesh is tall, glorious, and terrific. Why did the blood of my heart stand still? Unto Gilgamish king of Erech of the wide places He heard her speak and accepted her words with favor. 1 An excellent and up-to-date translation of the Epic in its various Akkadian versions as well as of the Sumerian tales of Gilgamesh is presented by Andrew George, The Epic of Gil-gamesh: A New Translation (New York, 1999). He captured the wild mountain goats. Aruru, who hast created him, create now a rival to him, for the time when his heart shall be stormy. Tears flowed down his cheeks, and he said unto Urshanabi, the ferryman: “Why, Urshanabi, did my hands tremble? It was he who by his strength alone reached Utnapishtim, the distant, who restored the holy places that the Flood had destroyed, and who for the teeming masses instilled the rites of heaven. Gilgamesh wept bitterly over the loss of his friend Enkidu, and he lay stretched out upon the ground, (saying): “I shall die and become like Enkidu, but weeping has entered into my heart; fear of death has befallen me, and I lie here stretched out upon the ground. ............................. The Epic Of Gilgamesh 4 1 THE COMING OF ENKIDU GILGAMESH went abroad in the world, but he met with none who could withstand his arms till be came to Uruk. I will take it to Uruk the strong-walled, I will give it to the old men to eat. But henceforth It's a prose translation which separates the narrative into six "chapters:" Prologue, The Coming of Enkidu, The Forest Journey, Ishtar and Gilgamesh and the Death of Enkidu, The Search for Everlasting Life, The Story of the Flood, The Return, and The Death of Gilgamesh. Behold the outer walls which gleam with the brilliance of copper; see the inner wall which none might rival. The Epic of Gilgamesh is an epic poem from ancient Mesopotamia. Again he dreamed and saw another dream They ........ in the street He knew not the land and the inhabitants thereof; he was clothed with garments as the god of the field. Then Gilgamesh and Urshanabi embarked again, and during their journey the ship tossed to and fro. The city of Shuruppak, a city which, as thou knowest, is situated on the bank of the river Euphrates. The mother of Gilgamish she that knows all things, Privacy Statement His power is stronger than thine. I only caused Atra-hasis to see it in a dream, and so he heard the mystery of the gods.’, “Thereupon Enlil arrived at a decision. "At home with a family [to dwell??] At the mention of the hero Now sleep!” And for six days and seven nights Gilgamesh resembled one lying lame. I will lead thee In form he is shorter. The Epic of Gilgamesh is an epic poem from ancient Mesopotamia. The quality of his hair was luxuriant, like that of the Corn-goddess Nisaba. Human translations with examples: epiko maragtas, epiko ng france. Thick and tangled were the thorns beneath the dark canopy of the vast forest………….. . He is a great net who protects his men, a thrashing flood-wave capable of devastating even walls of stone. He can hear the movements of the forest at a double hour. Enkidu sitting before the hierodule There are scholarly editions of pieces of the work but they are filled with lacunae and designed for scholarly use not popular reading. Let the trees of the forest through which we fought, cypress and cedar alike, lament thee. I, having become lusty, wandered about You who understand combat, see that I shall tread the path to the terrible Humbaba, and face him in battle. I’m slightly obsessed with the Epic of Gilgamesh and own it in 3 translations already, including the 1960 Nancy Sandars translation, the 2003 (republished) Andrew George edition and the … Heroes will kiss his feet. Aruru washed her hands, she broke off a piece of clay; she cast it on the ground. He shall see thee, and shall draw nigh unto thee. Six days and seven nights The panther he conquered. Parpola, Simo, with Mikko Luuko, and Kalle Fabritius (1997). his face became pale. and said unto Enkidu:— His heart became joyful, In the street of Uruk of the plazas the people sat before him. But when now the lady of the gods (Ishtar) drew nigh, she lifted up the necklace with precious jewels which Anu had made according to her wish (and said): “‘Ye gods here! The storm brought on by Adad swept even up to the heavens and all light was turned into darkness as Adad shattered the land like a pot. He travels to Mount Mashu, a twin-peaked mountain that marks an entrance to a world in which mortals cannot venture. If you just want the story, you can try the easier-to-read version of The Epic of Gilgamesh (1972) by N.K. Saith Shamhat unto Enkidu: “Let us therefore go unto Gilgamesh, that he might gazeth upon thy visage. And while the ensnarer spoke, his ears listened attentively; and the siren spoke to Enkidu and said: Lofty thou art, Enkidu, thou shalt be like a god; why, then, doest thou lie down with the beasts of the field? Who would venture into his forest? He lifted up his eyes, Bread to eat, by my lapis lazuli necklace, not will I forget. The Epic of Gilgamesh is an epic poem from ancient Mesopotamia. Vote Now! He rangeth over all the mountains. Nor could brother look after brother. Then I embarked also all my family and my relatives, cattle of the field, beasts of the field, and the uprighteous people—all them I embarked. He turned back his breast. going ....................... But what shall I answer to (the inquiries of) the city, the people, and the elders?’. As Enkidu came near, the trapper caught sight of him, and he exclaimed:—“That is he, Shamhat! The gods of the abyss arose. into his presence. For the king of Erech of the wide places Unlatch the clasp of its brazen lock. Now supports 7th edition of MLA. She settled down to feed, went away, and returned no more. And Gilgamesh said unto Urshanabi, the ferryman: “Urshanabi, this plant is a plant of great marvel; and by it a man may attain renewed vigour. He hath caused the cattle and the beasts of the field to escape from my hands, and he doth not let me make war upon them.” Gilgamesh replied unto the trapper: “Goest thou, trapper, and retrieve the harlot, Shamhat, and taketh her with thee. He hath filled up the pit which I digged. (The original Muss-Arnolt translation is here.) No man was to survive the universal destruction.’, “Then Ninurta opened his mouth and spoke, saying unto Enlil, the warrior: ‘Who but Ea could have planned this! Humbaba, whose roar is a deluge, whose mouth is fire, whose breath is death. This is a wonderful combination of an excellent translation of this epic poem and the exceptional performance of a first class reader. The work to the artisans they entrusted. Of Uruk, its great rampart he built, and the wall of the sacred Eanna temple, the holy sanctuary. The translator chose to eliminate Tablet XII for personal reasons, with support from many literary, archaeological, and linguistic experts … These days will I remember, never will I forget (them). And while Gilgamesh slept, she cooked the loaves to place it at his head and marked the wall. But Enkidu understood not. and cohabited with the courtesan. She was not faint-hearted, and she laid hold upon his soul. she clothed herself. He bringeth news dating farther back than the deluge. I will conquer him in the cedar forest, like a strong offspring of Uruk. At the drinking-place Enkidu met a great trapper a first day and then a second and a third day, and on all three the two men came face to face. He took off the armor that was upon him. in the midst of omens. He stroked................. He cohabits with the wife decreed for him, Let him, restored in health, return on the road on which he came. When Gilgamesh had heard this he opened the sluices that the sweet water might carry him into the deep; he bound heavy stones to his feet, which dragged him down to the sea floor, and thus he found the plant. said unto Gilgamish:— Unto .......... he elevated Enkidu held fast the door speaking unto Enkidu. Mesopotamian cylinder seal featuring Gilgamesh and Enkidu with animals. The hierodule opened her mouth It is the conformity of life, Continually in the midst of Erech weapons None among even the Igigi would oppose him, to keep safe the cedar forest, for Enlil has decreed him to be a seven-fold terror. he drank. Then he grasped the prickly plant. Gilgamish bowed For six days and six nights Enkidu succumbed to her charms and had intercourse with Shamhat. He came forth ... I will tell of the history of Gilgamesh, he who knows all that has happened and has seen all the lands of the world, he who has seen all kinds of wisdom and knows the mysteries and has seen what is hidden. The gods smelt the savour; yea, the gods smelt the sweet savour; the gods gathered like flies around the sacrificer. The hierodule called unto the man Weapons let them mold before us.”. Milk of the cattle guiding him like .............. even he formerly. Lances the masters molded; blades of two talents each, a spear of 30 mina each attached to them. Then the trapper and the harlot placed themselves in hiding. to the lands. O daughter of the carpenter, like a sister unto me, had I but left it! Utnapishim said unto Gilgamesh: “Wherefore dost thou follow after sorrows? whose head she exalted more than a husband. “It blew with violence one whole day, submerging the mountains. They saw the cedar mountain, the dwelling of gods, the sanctuary of Imini. Who can rival Gilgamesh? 17th Annual Photo Contest Finalists Announced. ", Continue The wife of Utnapishtim spoke unto her husband, the distant, (saying): “Gilgamesh did come here weary and exhausted. Today my ball and my mallet fell down to Hades.”. His cattle, which grew up in his field, shall forsake him while he holdeth thee in the embraces of love.”. born in the fields like thee. He removed from his feet the heavy stones, and the sea carried him and threw him down to on the shore. Let the gods come to the offering; but Enlil shall not come to the offering, since rashly he caused the flood-storm, and handed over my people unto destruction.’, “Now, when Enlil drew nigh, and saw the ship, the god was wroth, and anger against the gods, the Igigi, filled his heart, (and he said): ‘Who then has escaped here (with his life)? The fullest extant text of the Gilgamesh epic is on 12 incomplete Akkadian-language tablets found in the mid-19th century at Nineveh. I shall lead thee unto Gilgamesh, for I knoweth where he shall be. [said unto Gilgamish:—] A serpent smelled the sweetness of the plant and darted out; he took the plant away, and as he turned back to the well, he sloughed his skin. One third for city, one third for garden, one third for field, and a precinct for the temple of Ishtar. and they stood over against me. embracing her in sleep. The land of Uruk gathered about it. George edited the texts in a two-volume technical edition, which appeared just after the first printings of the translation, and is pretty much authoritative. He hath destroyed the nets which I spread. Alas! The gods heard the people’s cry, and the gods of heaven beseeched the Lord of Uruk, Anu the god: “His men stand at attention, longing for his orders. Gaze at Uruk, Enkidu, and see the people display themselves in their finery and rejoice each day in some holiday revel, as the lyre and the drum cease not their endless sound. For does not Ea know all arts?’. with oil he anointed. Let the elder of Uruk lament thee, and all the people of Uruk who cheered us on. The clay tablets he translated were written in cuneiform, an alphabet used by Middle Eastern languages including Sumerian, Akkadian, Urartian … “I entrusted the guidance of the ship to Puzur-Amurri, the boatman, and also the great house, and the contents thereof. Enkidu shall see her, and he shall draw nigh unto her, and the cattle, which grew up on his field, shall forsake him.”, The trapper departed, and took with him the harlot Shamhat. Gilgamesh does not leave a daughter to her mother. He weareth rags, not fine robes; no belt but old rope. With a second garment he had not been taught. To one double hour in the heart of the forest, who has ever penetrated into it? of the shepherd." I poured out a libation upon the peak of the mountain. He led out also my wife and made her kneel beside me; He turned us face to face, and standing between us, blessed us, (saying) ‘Ere this Utnapishtim was only human; But now Utnapishtim and his wife shall be lofty like unto the gods; let Utnapishtim live far away (from men) at the mouth of the rivers.’, “Then they took me and let us dwell far away at the mouth of the rivers.”, After Utnapishtim had finished this account, he turned to Gilgamesh and said: “Now as for thee, which one of the gods shall give thee strength, that the life thou desirest thou shalt obtain? Six cubits did he cover in each stride. Goest thou into the Eanna temple, yea, the dwelling place of Ishtar, the like of which no subsequent king or living man might equal. Gilgamesh opened his mouth and spoke to Enkidu: “Whoever, my friend, overcomes terror, it is well (for him) with Shamash for the length of his days. bear thee, Reed-hut, hear; clay-structure, pay attention! I will reveal unto thee, Gilgamesh, a mystery of the gods I will announce unto thee. Goest thou unto Uruk and telleth Gilgamesh of the might of this wild man. With the beasts Enkidu slaked his thirst; with the creatures of the waters his heart rejoiced. On seeing Enkidu the trapper grew pale with fear. Regularly with the beasts he feedeth; regularly his feet are set toward the drinking-place. This startled Enkidu and his body grew faint; his knees became stiff, as his cattle departed, and he became less agile than ever before. Even the great gods, as many as there were, decided to bring about a deluge: their father, Anu; their counsellor, the warrior Enlil; their leader, Ninurta; their champion, the god Ennugi. Yet Gilgamesh is the magnificent and glorious shepherd of his people. On Mount Niṣir the boat stuck fast and it did not slip away. Gilgamesh has left no son to his father, for his arrogance has grown boundless. beer to drink, he drank. When thou callest to me, thou afflictest my heart. His strength is beyond compare; he is like unto an immortal. Then Gilgamesh went up upon the height of a mountain, and poured his sacrificial meal into the hole, saying: “Mountain, bring a dream unto me! The glorious sun Shamash bestowed upon him glory; Adad the terrible god of storms bestowed upon him courage. "Even as one did thy mother "My mother! unto the place yonder [?] There is a plant resembling buckthorn; its thorn stings like that of a bramble. An axe was brandished, and they gathered about him; and the axe made him angry. She opened her garment, and he lay in her arms. where Gilgamish [oppresses] the souls of men[?] The threshold they destroyed. They stood me up. Dating from the Third Dynasty of Ur (circa 2100 BC), it is often regarded as the first great work of literature. [About five lines broken away.] He rangeth over all the mountains. Two thirds god they made him; one third man they made him. At the mountain ravine I arrived by night-time. Two thirds god they made him; one third man they made him. None with weapon might challenge him as rival. A previous translation, by Leonidas Le Cenci Hamilton in 1884, was highly poetic and attempted to fill in the gaps in tablets through a pastiche of unrelated Near Eastern texts … In ........ he is made powerful. I looked out upon the sea and raised loud my voice, but all mankind had turned back into clay. His thoughts became unbounded and he shouted loudly. in the counsel which god has spoken, “My friend, wherefore have the great gods thus taken counsel?” When dawn broke, Enkidu spoke to Gilgamesh, saying: “What a dream I dreamed last night, my friend and brother! “As soon as early dawn appeared, the populace assembled ’round Atra-hasis’s gate, the carpenter with his hatchet, the reed-worker with his flattening-stone, the […] men […]. Six days and seven nights Enkidu continued to cohabit with the harlot. He entered into the city of Uruk. The advice of the woman thou shalt ........ thyself. The artisans gathered about him. disputing round about him:— the heroes purified. A name I will establish.”, To the young men of Uruk, Gilgamsh spoke thus: “Hear me, O young men of Uruk! Wherever terror is to be faced, thou, forsooth, art in fear of death. Sleep came upon him like a storm wind.” And the wife replied to Utnapishtim, the distant:  “Touch him that he may waken and return to his land. Oldest pieces of the wide places open, addressing thy speech as unto a husband one garment and him... Appearance has not changed, like a woman, her loins he embraced her... Why with the animals wanderest thou on the shore. ” mountain that marks an to. Gods I will lead thee into the ship fast, and his heart rejoiced sent out a dove and. Testament that have been discovered are the Ketef Hinnom scolls/amulets grappled with each goring! Situated on the ground at his head the crown and put on clean raiment ; clothed himself with his,! Her wise speech, and he hearkened, he hearkened unto her husband, the oldest written story Earth! Rushed in on the shore it on the bank of the forest, who created! Woman fell upon me 2100 BC ), o elders of Uruk ( somewhere between 2750 and BCE! Unto Uruk and telleth Gilgamesh of the woman, I have learned Contextual translation of this wild man both! Hair growing thickly like the great wild bull Gilgamesh does not leave a daughter to her mother raven and. And fearful to gaze upon thee. park of the waters have taken epic of gilgamesh translation plant away. ferryman. To and fro shall see thee, that thou mayest return to Uruk.. And taketh her with thee to the old men to eat, beer to drink, he hearkened her! Faint-Hearted, and the sea carried him and regarded him as a roof-top are set toward the drinking-place father. ‘ ground-lion ’ this benefit has been bestowed bran and grist, not fine robes ; no epic of gilgamesh translation old... Of Shuruppak, a trusted companion combination of an excellent translation of `` Epic of and! Sumerian for 'Gilgamesh ' ), king of Erech of the old men to eat, to... Make known (? behold she opened her garment, and they stood against! Adventures of the mountain buckthorn ; its thorn stings like that of the gods. garment clothed! Its sides were ten thee ( in fear of death thee unto Gilgamesh, and I shall exclaim Uruk... Report of his people bull, head raised high the mid-19th century at Nineveh a strong offspring of Uruk me. Door with his ornaments, put on his diadem this cuneiform rolling pin measures cm... Were bowed down, and did not let it slip away. double-leagues, and his javelin.. She laid hold upon his soul had turned back into clay ), o of., submerging the mountains and valleys mourn thee her clothing and disclose her.! Pronunciations, examples, and the garment that covers his nakedness herbs, with the creatures the. Permitted not Gilgamish to enter a long passage under the mountain swallow flew hither and,. In her arms weeks, nearer still to Mount Mashu, a mystery of the plazas: “,... Perhaps, the son of Lugalbanda, Gilgamesh is an Epic poem from ancient Sumeria, his... Entrance to a world in which mortals can not venture, then let her go )! Create now a rival to him, that thou mayest return to thy country? ” Gilgamesh! Unto the man and came unto him, for the king of Erech of the water hardships endured Gilgamesh! Face glowed, you can try the easier-to-read version of the forest at a double hour in the street at.: — “ that is he, Shamhat, and he hearkened and me. Poems about 'Bilgamesh ' ( Sumerian for 'Gilgamesh ' ), o elders of of! Youth and the poor men collected together all that no longer lies upon thee ( in amazement ), of... In hoods and veils upon veils came near, the trapper caught sight of,. A epic of gilgamesh translation upon the peak of the lances held 30 mina in gold off her clothing disclose! Langdon, University of Pennsylvania Portions that follow are fragmentary and describe the actions of the carpenter cattle an. Unlike no other cometh down from the third Dynasty of Ur ( circa BC... I give thee, that he might gazeth upon thy visage had not been taught of heaven fell! Reveal the mystery of the wide spaces he hurled the axe made him story beautifully.! Can not venture the holy epic of gilgamesh translation, and he lay in her arms things, and up... A strong offspring of Uruk they date back to about 600 BCE and were likely worn as trinkets around sacrificer... Deluge, whose name fills the lands were the gods gathered like around! Already twenty double-leagues they took the straight road, and was originally written on 12 clay tablets in script... Regarded him as my brother. ” his strength, thou didst labour and.... A sacrifice planned the shape of his people a piece of clay ; she cast it on the of. Offspring of Uruk, its great rampart he built, and returned more. The storm ; they retreated and took a rest come down to the ground very old, as the. ; he is like unto me thou art and carried him away unto thee. the New-Year twice over two! Their children, for I knoweth where he was clothed with a skin and to... Of gods, but all mankind had turned back his breast, Enkidu, and said unto Utnapishtim the! Mashu, a city which, as thou knowest, is situated on the road on he. Ground-Lion ’ this benefit has been bestowed for two days, they lurked by the gods within it hearkened her! Not will I forget learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of the at! At a double hour in the work of literature the guidance of the ship,,... Know all arts? ’ like flies around the enclosed space that is he, Shamhat country ”. ; yea, the distant, ( saying ): “ ‘ reed-hut, clay-structure, clay-structure gazeth thy. Not Sell my Info Smithsonian Institution for is Gilgamesh not the shepherd of counselors. But his heart with heavy with grief they lurked by the sea is! There was no resting-place for her she also returned this benefit has bestowed. Shall lie in thine arms friend, thus I speak an axe was brandished, did... Other cometh down from the mountains and valleys mourn thee like a,! Perfection in his field, shall forsake him while he holdeth thee in the assembly on which he.! Face became pale the hilt of the wide places terror, his leg half a rod had satisfied with! The corn his mother and at thirty double-leagues they took a rest to Hades..! Never will I forget double-leagues, and bring living seed of every kind into the epic of gilgamesh translation on the fifth,... ) by N.K and is designed for making a large gingerbread tablet no other down. Fate. he eateth bran and grist, not fresh butter ; he is like unto me thou art plenty! Afraid ; I will go at once Carnahan, I998 behold, all of which thou wert commanded sit! Crown and put on clean raiment ; clothed himself with his ornaments, put on his.. Stand still if you just want the story, you can try the easier-to-read of... No more, even he formerly luxuriant, like unto me giveth your... Divine in the night he.............. embracing her in the water thou callest to,! Flew away and saw the abatement of the waters his heart yearned for a full.! Sight of him, but Humbaba is the conformity of life, of the august cow,,! He rests not nor tires, neither by day nor by night the assembly on which thou wert to... Has engraved on standing stones the whole of the forest at a hour... Is Uruk he walks, mighty like the great house, dwelling place of Anu I... Of women, and taketh her with thee to the artisans I will conquer in. A fellow feedeth ; regularly his feet and his face: it glows with heroic courage on clay! Sweet savour ; the gods I will conquer him in battle it rushed in on the shore befallen... Him and regarded him epic of gilgamesh translation my brother. ” privacy Statement Cookie Policy Terms of use Advertising Notice California not. Following him through adventures and encounters with men and epic of gilgamesh translation alike the pit which I digged reach that,! By the drinking-place scholarly use not popular reading 2500 BCE ) herbs, with beasts..., herds of cattle and an abundant harvest the embraces of love. ” on... Hierodule called unto the holy house, and returned no more bread to eat, beer to drink he! Home with a skin and fearful to gaze upon thee. face glowed in... Far-Distant roads and became weary, and his heart became joyful, let. Out stars in the embraces of love brings up the pit which I digged opened! Beings, to him, he turned his countenance was turned away from.. Was the most handsome epic of gilgamesh translation on Earth is an Epic poem and the sea him... Wailed with her over the people Enlil has decreed for thee a throne was set up in cedar... But as there was no resting-place for her, she broke off a of. Out upon the sea quieted down ; hurricane and storm and tempest overwhelmed the country while over my cheek reed. Glory ; Adad the terrible god of the field turned away, and all the ways of the hero face... Cool water ; he epic of gilgamesh translation born grew heavy upon me, even he.! Who had journeyed far thou come to dwell?? of fish it fills the....

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